Do you often suffer with angry outbursts you can't control?
Is your anger irrational?
Is anger affecting you and your relationships at home or at work?

Anger is a primitive biochemical response in our brains and is part of our primitive or 'chimp' brain and we have evolved because of it. Anger has a function, without it our species wouldn't have survived. Our ancestors were living outdoors until a few hundred years ago and weren't too far away from danger from wild animals and tribesmen. Anger is merely a primitive way of increasing our strength against danger which has helped protect us through evolution today.

Anger is part of our brain closely associated with will and will is directly linked to our spirit. When we talk about someone being 'high-spirited' or having lots of spirit we mean that they are alive, energised and motivated. They use healthy aggression to get things done.

Anger drives us to make changes and accomplish things personally and globally. It motivates us to speak up and communicate our feelings, to define our boundaries and protect ourselves from being taken advantage of. Healthy anger gives us a voice.

However the shadow side of anger is abusive of power, can be cruel, destructive and painful. It can cause a tremendous amount of pain for ourselves and for others who are on the receiving end. Angry people are sometimes not aware of the impact of their aggression on others. Anger can be equally dangerous when it is passive -so much energy goes into keeping the lid on their anger then it is only a matter of time before they explode or become calculating and hostile. Anger is fear based - often as a result of past hurts, self loathing and feelings of failing or deep insecurities that have not been dealt with.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to treat anger to enable individuals to express their anger more healthily. Being able to deal with the past so you can go forward more positively and calmly. Sessions include explaining how the brain works and why we get angry. Where anger comes from and how we can be more aware and in control of our angry part of our brain. Hypnotherapy helps you to feel calmer, more in control, letting go of angry outbursts.

Typical Sessions Required 6 - 12.