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I went to Karen for help to recover from trauma following a car accident as well as childhood trauma and tried Havening. I couldn't believe something so apparently quick and simple could give such dramatic results. I no longer feel strong negative emotions about things that have upset me all my life. I feel so much more positive and in control. Also, the actual experience of Havening is comforting and relaxing. I would recommend this to anyone who has negative associations or traumas they want to move past. Karen is a force of positivity and kindness and should be available on the NHS!

Georgia Brown

I have visited Ms Thomas on a couple of occasions so far for assistance with an anxiety issue i have had, and it really has been incredible the progress made in such a time.

First of all, even before the first visit, Ms Thomas was warm, friendly and very reassuring, taking time to answer my questions and making sure i was comfortable. On meeting, this care and support was again very impressive, she was so informative and listened to me. To say to someone what the problem is and that you need help can't be easy, but Ms Thomas did make things so pleasant, relaxed and comfortable. I could not have been in safer hands.

Once we had discussed everything there was to discuss i had my first taste of hypnosis and my body and mind were very quickly deeply relaxed, it was an amazing feeling. This level of relaxation was supported as well with a recording that i was to take wth me and listen to daily ahead of the second session.

The second time i experienced havening to help deal with the anxiety issue. This involved Ms Thomas using her hands to parts of the head, shoulders and arms whilst i counted down in sequence, and some other mental exercises, and the level of profound relaxation i experienced was inredible. I was just slumped in my chair like a rag doll. The recollection of what we did then is that we worked on the images that made me anxious and just reduced the anxiety. Im my mind the pucture became smaller and smaller and lessened the anxiety. My recall is a little bit foggy because of how relaxed i was, my analytical mind was, and it does sound cheesy, put to sleep, but i was still aware (just utterly relaxed, like when you are just waking up and half asleep) and Ms Thomas voice floated and drifted through the room and the work on my anxiety acted on my subconscious mind.

On being brought back to my normal consciousness i was amazed because the anxiety i had was gone. The havening technique Ms Thomas used was just incredible, to get me into such a deep deep state of relaxation and to get to work on my problem, i would recommend her to anyone. I can't say everyone will get such immediate results but i believe that if you let go and relax, follow the induction, work with Ms Thomas that you will see positive results quickly. Im planning my next visit because i just want to enjoy the complete relaxation mostly, as well as to reinforce the work we have done so far. A great experience.

Gareth Jenkins

Having smoked for more than 25 years and having tried to quit using gum, patches, Champix, e cigs and good old fashioned will power I approached hypnotherapy with some cynicism. I'm naturally quite sceptical and so the only reason I tried this was because a friend recommended it to me. Arriving 45 minutes early I found a bench outside the clinic and smoked three Marlboro, on the basis that the session was 90 minutes and that was a long time for me to go without a ciggie. A week later I have not smoked, I have not had anything approaching a serious craving, in fact I have barely thought about smoking. What I have thought about is how great Karen' s session was for me. The fee is equivalent to a couple of weeks' smoking and it's worth every penny. It's not a miracle cure - you have to want to.stop but if you're serious about quitting then call and make an appointment right now. Karen is an exceptional woman who has changed my life immensely for the better and she can do the same for you.

Chris Hoade

I had tried a variety of different ways to help me deal with severe anxiety in the past, which had made a small difference but not really addressed the core of the issue. From the first session with Karen I knew that the approach was different and sought to identify and then address the key issues.
Karen's style enabled a high trust relationship to be developed very quickly which in turn aided a more open, honest and reflective discussion. The sessions not only helped to identify the core anxieties but provided me with the necessary tools to deal with he panic attacks that often accompanied the anxiety itself.
Karen has shown me a number of different approaches to deal with my own anxieties which I have now refined to work for me.
If you are looking for a long term solution - I would recommend Karen.


I was put in touch with karen thru a friend who highly recommended her ,after 20+ years if smoking im proud to say im totally smoke free .karen is truely awesome and i can't thank her enough.

John powell

After over 20 years of being a smoker and trying unsuccessfully to give up using nearly every method possible, I thought I would have one last attempt using hypnotherapy. Thanks to Karen I can proudly say I am now a non-smoker. I have since recommended Karen to my friends who have also succeeded In becoming non-smokers.

Another success story for Karen who is not only a great hypnotherapist but an amazing and inspiring lady who I would recommend to anybody who is unsure of hypnotherapy. Go for it you certainly won't be disappointed


Well got to say, I went to see Karen, being a bit of a none beleavere in this, but all I can is, I had a smoke at 3.45pm , went in to see Karen , came out at 5.35, on the 8/10/15, and not had a smoke since, it now 19/10/15,
If I can do this anyone can, 30 a day to 0, in 90 min,
Thank you so much Karen,
Lyn Ashcroft,

Lyn Ashcroft

Well got to say, I went to see Karen, being a bit of a none beleavere in this, but all I can is, I had a smoke at 3.45pm , went in to see Karen , came out at 5.35, on the 8/10/15, and not had a smoke since, it now 19/10/15,
If I can do this anyone can, 30 a day to 0, in 90 min,
Thank you so much Karen,
Lyn Ashcroft,

Lyn Ashcroft

After suffering from anxiety for a number of months due to personal problems I contacted Karen who immediately put me at ease by stating it was absolutely something she could help me overcome.
After my first session I felt 50% better.
After my second and third sessions I was 100% better.
I followed these up by a fourth session just to make sure.
I haven't suffered with anxiety since and feel great.
Highly recommended!

Sue Kirby

As I went through my sixty-seventh year, I began to be a bit disconcerted by certain attitudes I found in myself. I had had a modest career as a concert and opera singer, and had always been sensitive to people in the audience coughing and snorting, especially in quiet or highly charged bits of singing. I found, though, that this was spreading into everyday life, I found that I was getting annoyed by, for example, people loudly and repeatedly sniffing on the bus, or coughing, or eating stuff in a way that was – to me – offensive, or leaking hissing rhythmic noise from their personal stereos.

I saw an advertisement for the Whitchurch Clinic in a local magazine and rang and made an appointment. After the first session, I was not particularly aware of any improvement, but Karen had warned me that improvement would creep up on me unawares, and so I persisted, with six more sessions a week apart, though I did miss one week. And then, mysteriously, as Karen had predicted, I suddenly became aware that I was a lot calmer in general, and certainly a lot more tolerant of horrible noises in public!

So a success story. I shall certainly go back and see Karen again, if I become conscious of slipping back into old habits and attitudes.

Robert Adams

After nearly 20 years of being the stereotypical nervous flyer, I thought it was about time to take steps to conquer the fear and after several sessions with Karen, I feel I have achieved this and more. For no other reason other than ignorance, I was sceptical about hypnotherapy and its influence over the mind but in my first session my eyes were opened wide to the myriad of ways in which this new way of thinking, by simply controlling your own mind, can be drawn upon in everyday life. As a result of this I have continued to employ the techniques I have learnt on a daily basis.

To summarise, I have found the whole experience most enlightening and life changing and believe that anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy. Thank you once again Karen.

Rob Bush

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