Change Habits

Do you find yourself asking the question of ‘Why does it always happen to me?’ ‘I regret doing that’(over and over), ‘What if I lose my job/relationship?’, ‘What if I fail?’…..Sound familiar?

These thoughts can create anxiety, anger or depression which can inflate the ‘ego’. This is our defence which can be wrong or overreact. This can result in feelings of being out of control, difficulties in feeling relaxed and calm, being unable to let go of these thoughts.  These thoughts can be constantly running in the background, waiting for something negative to happen and can leave us feeling weak, unhappy and unable to deal with regular day today activities. Because of the negative emotion that it brings which makes us feel uncomfortable, we then turn to habits that give us temporary relief, such as smoking, drinking, taking drugs, shopping, gambling and overeating which can then turn into addictive behaviour. Addiction is an uncontrollable habit which can mean an excess use of alcohol, drugs, nicotine and food which distracts us from our feelings and problems but doesn’t solve them.

‍Do you feel your behaviour is out of control and you would like to change it?

Many people fear the term addiction as they see it as a weakness or a failing but its all part of being human. The good news is that we can bring about positive change and eliminate bad habits. Addiction is often linked to underlying trauma which can bring about mental health issues. If you feel you have a problem which is out of control such as eating too much, excess alcohol, cannabis, drugs, porn, smoking and gambling –  it may have started as a way of coping with feelings that were difficult to deal with.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Havening can help you deal with any underlying issues, empower you to learn new ways of thinking to break these unwanted habits.