Moving Forward From Trauma

All the events in our life shape us and some have a more positive effect than others. Your brain is not mature until it reaches 24 and many things can traumatise us on the way to landscape the brain.  Medical doctors have found that traumatic memory is encoded differently to normal memory. Your brain is a ‘deleting machine’ and helps to delete a lot of the stuff we experience day to day. How-ever your brain wants to protect you so it will make you more aware of a situation that potentially could harm you. It doesn’t always get it right so we can hold onto things that are not really bad but we may have felt bad about them in the past. Traumatic memory can also hide so we can feel an emotion about something like anger or sadness but we may not remember what happened.

Havening can change the way a traumatic memory is held biologically, allowing that memory to become insignificant enough to strange the structure and the way it is held so when you think about it, it doesn’t bring up a negative arousal. This helps free you of past events that have caused pain and suffering so you move forward towards more happiness.