Reduce Stress

Your body’s reaction to arousal can be negative or positive. Arousal can be feelings of positive excitement as you may feel about going on a date or jumping out of a plane or it can be feelings of worry or frustration when multiple competing demands are on you.  When those thoughts are negative they create a physiology change in our bodies that causes high levels of cortisol, to put us into a fight/flight response.

Your body reacts to stress in the same way it feels under threat … this is great when we need to escape from danger but not so good when we are just going about our everyday lives. Too much increased cortisol is toxic to the brain and weakens the immune system. It is very important therefore to be able to manage stress so your body is not experiencing feeling under constant threat and a way of doing that is learning Havening and Hypnosis relaxation techniques. Also to learn how to think and act positively.